Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let's make 2015 a healthy and happy New Year for Doc!

Doc is a 10 plus Pomeranian who was rescued from Carroll County Animal Control.  He was "found" as a stray and no one came to claim him.  He is blind in one eye and after visiting the vet it was determined that his eye would have to be removed because of pressure build up and the chances of it turning into glaucoma.  Since he has no vision in it at all our vet determined removal was the safest thing to do for him.  He also has only a few teeth remaining that are in horrible condition and have to be removed.  Lastly, he has never been neutered.  Only one of his testicles every descended and it is huge and the other one is under the skin so he will have to have a more complicated neuter than normal.  The good news is that he has a very strong heart beat and after getting back his senior profile bloodwork, he should be able to handle the surgeries.  They will start with the neuter because of the chances of testicular cancer and if he is holding up through this surgery they will go ahead and remove the eye.  If he starts to have any complications from the neuter they will do the eye at a separate time.

The end of the year is near and all donations are tax deductible.  Let's make 2015 a healthy and happy New Year for Doc!

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Thanks - Remember Me? Pet Rescue

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Santa photos this Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th from 11-3 come see us at the Lawrenceville Petsmart and have your pets picture taken with Santa.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Update Your Kroger Rewards!

First and foremost we'd like to thank those of you that linked your Kroger Rewards Card to Remember Me? Pet Rescue last year!  As their new fiscal year begins, Kroger has reset all those links and requires you to log into your Kroger Rewards account and re-link your card to Remember Me? Pet Rescue so that we can continue to receive small donations based on the money our supporters spend at Kroger each quarter.

Shop a Kroger and want to help out Remember Me? Pet Rescue while still saving money with your Kroger Plus card and earning fuel points?

Just go to:

to link your Kroger Plus card to your favorite 501c3 non-profit organization.  Each time you shop at Kroger and use your linked Kroger Plus Card, Kroger will designate a small portion as a donation to Remember Me? Pet Rescue to help with the cost of care for our rescue animals.  Once you go to the link, scroll down to "Sign In".  If you have already created an online account at, sign in with your email and password.  If you haven't created an online account, you can register with your Kroger Plus card now.  Once signed in, it should take you to the Community Rewards Program page that asks you to Find Your Organization.  Simply type in our organization number, which is 49036, and click search.  Remember Me? Pet Rescue should show up under Select Your Organization.

Just click the small radio button next to our name and click the orange Save button to complete enrollment.  It is that easy!  After you have enrolled your card in the community rewards program, you should see a notification at the end of your Kroger receipt that says at your request, Kroger will make a donation to Remember Me? Pet Rescue.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We will be doing adoptions on Saturday 19th from 11-3 at Petsmart 875 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adoptions Saturday July 12th from 11 till 4 and Sunday July 13th from 12 till 3 at 875 Lawrenceville/Suwanne Rd.  PETSMART